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Harley Quinn

She is a flamboyant super-villain and an adversary of Batman usually recognized as the Joker's girlfriend, although she has had her own strong solo career.
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Chun Li

The first female fighter introduced into the Street Fighter canon, she is depicted in the games' storyline as an expert martial artist and Interpol officer who restlessly seeks revenge for the death of her father at the hands of the nefarious M. Bison.
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Cammy awoke with amnesia, and Delta Red took her in. While she could not remember her past, she retained nearly all the fighting capabilities that were implanted in her during her tenure with Shadaloo.
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She learned martial arts and trained extensively to perfect her skills in cat burglary. Her criminal activities are often tempered by a reluctant altruism, making her an inconstant villain and occasional ally to Batman.
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